You have clicked onto this page expecting to see pages of products. We’ll let us first apologize for this. The reason why is that we know that to have the best product for your promotion means working to your specific brief which then allows us to provide you with the most exciting, cost effective product.

We believe that having a catalogue of thousands of outdated products without dated pricing is only going to annoy you and waste your time searching through the net looking at the same old thing on China website. Then more frustration asking for pricing which will change as the products have been on that site for so long and or the supplier says it’s out of stock, or the colors are not available or you place an order only to find out the delivery is delayed by weeks or months or worst case the factory or trader runs off with you hard earned money. There are just so many reasons to be disappointed.

Let us work with you directly on your promotion so then we can source it to design and make it to fit specifically to you or your clients brand.