Our designers based in the main office in the Philippines come from varying backgrounds within the arts community.

Service Offered:

From customer feedback and research we have a slightly different approach to design outsourcing. As opposed to most design companies that quote expensive prices on a per job basis, The Promo Hub offers an innovative solution.

From liaising with our potential new customers we identify the designer(s) skill sets that compliments your business model, be it graphic designers, web designers, illustrators etc. We can tailor hire designers in the Philippines who work exclusively for your company. This way you are able to effectively hire according to your requirements without the additional expense and management doing this locally.

Our competitive pricing per month per headcount enables you to expand your business and staff at limited costs- approximately one quarter of hiring one headcount locally. Another way to look at it is that for each designer you hire locally, you could have the manpower of four designers exclusively working for you just in the Philippines! For businesses looking to cut costs of their operation this is also a fantastic opportunity for you to cut your current design costs by up to 75%!